Can anyone take an STSC program?

Our program is all-inclusive and respectful of all individuals, celebrating our collective diversity and strengths.

However, we do have some limitations: STSC courses are only open to permanent residents of Canada, and you must not be enrolled in any other courses or work placements at the same time.

If your situation falls outside of this and you are still unsure if you are eligible, please email and we’d be more than happy to check if we can accommodate.

What courses do you offer?

STSC offers short-term courses determined by employer need in Saskatoon and area so we can ensure the best possible employment outcomes for our participants. We offer a number of different entry-level courses in construction related trades, hospitality services (food and beverage, customer service), and human service fields (domestic care aide, early childhood education, level 1)

Do we get work experience too?

Yes! Each of our courses includes a practicum placement so you can continue to learn on the job with support from our job coaches just a phone call away. Practicum placements range from one to four weeks depending on the course.

When can I sign up for a program?

Program schedules are made up each quarter/season, and advertised on our Facebook page and website. We typically offer 4 to 6 courses each season, with staggering application dates. Application is done online through our website.

Are classes online or in person?

All students come to STSC to participate in class, although portions of each course are offered virtually in our classroom setting.

Is there an age limit?

In general, if you are between the ages of 18 and 65 you are welcome to apply. From time to time there may be age restrictions for a specific course based on external funding requirements.

Do I have to be unemployed or on assistance?

Our classes are developed for individuals facing barriers to employment and are not limited to those who are unemployed or receiving assistance; some of our students have never worked before, have only worked odd jobs, or have been out of the workforce for an extended period of time.

What if I just need safety tickets, or need to renew them?

STSC’s success is due to our learning approach of providing participants with both soft (essential) skills as well as required safety certificates, therefore does not provide training for safety tickets only.

If you need to renew your tickets, contact the local governing agency in your area or speak to your employer.

Do we get a certificate or diploma from STSC once we graduate?

While STSC does not offer an official certificate of completion for our courses, we are more than happy to provide you with a letter of completion if required.

Can I take more than one program? What if I’ve completed a course with STSC before?

You are welcome to apply again if it’s been more than 3 years since your last course and you would like to take another.

What if I live outside of Saskatoon – can I still apply?

That depends….applicants that live outside of Saskatoon would need to supply STSC with documentation confirming they have a suitable place to stay for the duration of their course and practicum placement. Plan on a six month commitment if you intend to work in Saskatoon.

Is childcare available?

We hold a few spots at the Saskatoon Early Childhood Education Demonstration Centre located within the same building as STSC; interested participants would be required to apply and pay for a spot(s) if required for the duration of their course at STSC.

Most of your classes say I need to know my CLB score – what is that?

CLB stands for Canadian Language Benchmarks. It is the national standard in Canada for describing, measuring and recognizing the English language proficiency of adult immigrants and prospective immigrants for living and working in Canada.

You can find out more here:

How do I become a journeyperson?

This will take additional training – for more information check out this information from our friends at Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission:


Is training free? How does funding work?

All of our courses are free! You earn while you learn – all students are offered pay at minimum wage rates, and we pay for all of your required safety certificates too!

How do I get paid?

Students are paid through our payroll system bi-weekly at a rate equal to minimum wage for 30 hours per week*. Pay during practicum is increased to 40 hours per week*. You will receive your first paycheque after your first two weeks in class.

*Students are only paid for the time they are actively in class or at their practicum.

Do my hours ‘worked’ at STSC make me eligible for EI?

No, students are paid a training allowance/non-insurable wages, and therefore do not contribute to insurable hours, or other pay situations such as coverage of statutory holidays or vacation. Students are issued a T4A at the end of the tax year.

Are we guaranteed a job when we train with STSC?

While we can’t guarantee you will get a job, our success rate has over 80% of our graduates in the workforce 6 months after they’ve completed their course with STSC. We provide the skills training and coaching to you, while you apply what you’ve learned out in the world. A good attitude, commitment to the job, and quality work all make for a good employee – providing that is up to you.

What happens if I don’t get hired at my practicum placement?

Our job coaches work with you and your employer throughout your practicum placement. Think of your placement as more than learning on the job – it’s also like a job interview – you get to show them over time your abilities, and you both get to determine if the workplace is a good fit for everyone involved! In the event you are not offered employment at the end of the practicum, our coaches will work with you to find an employer.


STSC continues to implement preventative measures against Covid-19, and takes the health of its staff and students very seriously. These measures are subject to change as Covid-19 public health orders dictate.

Do I need to be fully vaccinated to take a course?

Short answer – Maybe! Many employers require their workers to be fully vaccinated, especially if they work with, or in locations with, vulnerable populations like the elderly; in order for our job coaches to find you the best practicum placements and stable employment, full vaccination is highly recommended, and in some cases proof of vaccination will be required.

Are STSC staff fully vaccinated?

Yes! All of our staff are fully vaccinated, and we offer our staff and students the opportunity of antigen testing twice per week as well!

Are masks required?

Masks are optional, unless you test positive and are asymptomatic, or come to class with a cough. In that case STSC will require affected students and/or staff to wear medical grade masks while at STSC, and provides them free of charge!

Many participants regularly wear masks on their own as an added level of protections.

What protocols do you have in place?

In addition to course specific vaccination requirements and mask wearing protocols, we continue to limit class sizes and use plexiglass barriers in our classrooms. Sanitation protocols are also in effect and vary depending on the specific work area.

What if I get Covid-19 during my course, or am required to self-isolate?

Unfortunately this does happen, and is looked at on a case by case basis. Given our training is designed to be delivered in a short period of time, for some individuals this has meant withdrawal from class. In this situation, the individual will be invited to reapply for the next date of the course.