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The programs they offer are of great selection…

“I really enjoyed my time at Saskatoon Trades and Skills. The staff were all incredible and made it feel very welcoming, supportive and home like! There was always help when needed, and the teachers did a thorough job. It’s been almost two years since I was a student and I still keep in contact with my Career Coaches and staff! The programs they offer are of great selection and because of them it opened the door to me furthering my education. Everyone has a great sense of humor but can also take things seriously. Thanks to STSC I am now in my Career.”

Sammi, September 2015

One lesson in class has always stayed with me…

“I was fortunate enough to be selected to take the Saskatoon Trades and Skills customer service course. At the time I was at a stagnant point in my life with no real direction. I was a pregnant stay at home mom with a grade 12 education and some tech college training as a welder. I jumped at the opportunity to learn new things and to expand my skill set. I am not outgoing by nature so it was hard. Jacqueline was tough; she pushed us and forced us out of our tiny boxes of comfort. One lesson in class has always stayed with me, we made vision boards. What we wanted our future to be, what we have and what was special to us. On that board I glued bits of paper and lettering and in the end I figured out my own personal vision. My board was about education. I wanted to go back to school; this is what I wanted for myself. So I did, 6 months later in September I began my first semester at university, in October of that same year I also had a son. While it was hard and tough there was no reason to put it off for another year like some people suggested. I was determined to succeed. We were taught that the only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves. I am in university taking the social work program. This fall will be my second year of SWQ, while in the end I did not become a customer service agent the program played an important part in my transition from home to school. I still make vision boards to this day, currently I have one on my bedroom wall and it’s all about self-care.”

Tracy, September 2015

Kayla Greene

Kayla Greene attended the monthly (Sept. 2011 – April 2012) Saskatoon Trades & Skills Centre Mason classes that were offered to provide grade 12 students with an opportunity to develop bricklaying skills. At the end of May she participated in a Skills Competition competing against students from PA, Regina and Saskatoon and earned 3rd place in the competition.

During the summer, Kayla attended the Construction Prep course that is offered to students who have just completed Grade 12 and she completed her one week work placement at City Masonry. At the end of the work placement, Kayla was offered full time employment with City Masonry. She has started her first year apprenticeship with City Masonry.

We were pleased to have Kayla return to speak about her experiences at Saskatoon Trades & Skills Centre at the 2012-2013 beginning-of-the-year “Partnership Luncheon”.